Automatic Formaldehyde Filling System


  • Easy filling system, enables to fill formaldeyde to the sample box easily and safely.
  • 4 different sizes sample boxes designed to help users fill formaldehyde without touch or smell.
  • Sample boxes contain self holes and these boxes are put to the filling system sliding tray and the system auomatically start to the filling process.
  • NOTE: The system does not require any additional part or equipment for filling process.All necessary technologies are provided into the system.
Code Description Qty
4930 ‘Easy’ filling system 1 pcs
4255 Printer 1 pcs
4829 Printer blister 1000 pcs
4841 Printer Casette 1 pcs
4794 Coal filter 1 pcs
4866 Pre-filter 1 pcs
3173 Self holed sample box 500ml 200 pcs
3174 Self holed sample box 1000ml 150 pcs
3178 Self holed sample box 3000ml 100 pcs
3180 Self holed sample box 5000ml 50 pcs