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Tek Kullanımlık Plastik Laboratuvar Ürünleri

  • Various types of disposable laboratory products
  • Products are listed below

1) 50 ml conical test tube

2)50 ml conical test tube/Self standing

3)15 ml conical test tube

4)15 ml ultra transparent conical test tube

5)Cylindirical test tubes

  • Available sizes 3 ml,10 ml,13,5 ml,15 ml and 20 ml 

6)Multi purpose tube stands

7)Micro test tube available models 0,2 ml,0,5 ml, 0,75 ml, 1,5 ml and 2 ml

  • Available cap models, screw or click-fit 

8)Cryo tubes 1ml,2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5ml

  • Available cap models, external or internal 
  • With or without O-ring

9)Cryo box  for, 1 ml,2 ml,3 ml,4 ml,5 ml 

10)PCR tubes

11)PCR tube strip model

12)PCR plate

13)Adhesive foil for PCR plateles

14)PCR Workstation

15)Cell Culture Flasks

16)Multi-well cell culture plates

17)Petri dishes

  • Available sizes, 30 mm,60 mm, 90 mm, 100 mm,120 mm, 140 mm,150 mm
  • Without vent or 3 vents models

18)Blood groupping plates

19)Sterile Incubation Loops

20)Micro Pipette tips 

  • Compatible with Universal models or Eppendorf,Gilson,Oxford pipettes

21)Sterile and Filtered pipette tips 

22)Serological Pipettes

23)Different pasteur pipette models

24)Various types of sample containers

25)Spectrophotometer cuvette

26)Sterile/Non sterile faeces containers 

  • With or without sponge

27)Universal Autoclavable saliva collection container

28)Various types of sample containers

29)Medical waste container

30)Sample transportation Systems

31)Slide transportation container

32)Different Embedding Casetes models 

33)Kidney Cuvette